Build Your Vision Through Personalized Designs for Your Life

From period piece reproductions to modern designs, our craftsmen carefully design furniture that balances design, functionality, and longevity. Each design uses carefully selected joinery, wood, and finishing techniques to ensure they stand the test of time. From craftsmanship to functionality, every detail is important.

Custom built furniture is the creme-de-la-creme, its the tailored suite; it fits your exact needs to your exact specifications with your exact wood choices and combinations. As furniture professionals, we help guide you through the process by giving examples of time honored designs and engineering, while you can let your imagination and creativity shape what new pieces to bring joy to your spaces.

Whether you are interested in the most modern of designs or are looking for a specific classic piece, we can provide for your needs. We are classically trained furniture makers, and that training lends to any piece, from the most rudimentary to the most complex. We work closely with our clients to determine their exact needs, match that to the vision they have in their minds eye, and give them a piece that is not only functional but structurally superb. We promise each piece to be ascetically pleasing and to compliment the style that our clients are aiming for.

We work with a group of designers, each with their own specific flair, to help realize the vision of the customer. Some of our designers specialize in historically accurate designs of period furniture, while others live on the cutting edge of modern design. From these two poles we can craft furniture to match almost any vision. Contact us today for custom built furniture in Durham or Raleigh, NC.